Constellations of Corona Australis and Sagittarius
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Corona Australis and Sagittarius
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Image and text ©2008 Akira Fujii/David Malin Images.

In the picture above, top left is north and the image covers 28 x 35 degrees.
Image centre is located at 19:12:41.5, -33:03:48 (H:M:S, D:M:S, J2000) Astrometric data from

Corona Australis and Sagittarius
Best seen in the early evening in August

From ancient times the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer) was represented as a Centaur, half man, half horse, ready to fire his/its bow and arrow at the heart of Scorpius, the Scorpion. The constellation is the 15th largest in the sky and covers about 867 square degrees, including the brightest part of the Milky Way. It contains no fewer than 15 Messier objects, ony two of which are identified here. Sagittarius is a zodiacal constellation, so the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun, among the stars, pases through it, between M8 and M20 (see below).

The much smaller constellation of Corona Australis (the Southern Crown) is quite distinctive to the eye though its stars are fainter than those in neighbouring Sagittarius. It is quite ancient having be recognised by Ptolemy, and one legend has it that it represents the coronet worn by Sagittarius. Who knows. It is 80th in size among the 88 constellations and covers 128 square degrees.

Named stars in Corona Australis and Sagittarius(Greek alphabet)
Ain al Rami (ν1 Sgr), Albaldah(π Sgr), Alfecca Meridiana (α CrA), Al Nasl (γ Sgr), Arkab Prior (β1 Sgr), Arkab Posterior (β2 Sgr), Ascella (ζ Sgr), Kaus Australis (ε Sgr), Kaus Borealis (λ Sgr), Kaus Media (δ Sgr), Nash (γ2 Sgr), Nunki (σ Sgr), Rukbat (α Sgr).

Constellations adjoining Corona Australis: Ara, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Telescopium.
Constellations adjoining Sagittarius: Aquila, Capricornus, Corona Australis, Microscopium, Ophiuchus, Scorpius, Scutum, Serpens, Telescopium.

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Many of the objects in Sagittarius are emission nebulae and a list of them can be found here.
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