Constellations of Reticulum and Dorado
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Reticulum and Dorado
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Image and text ©2008 Akira Fujii/David Malin Images.

In the picture above, north is at top right and the image covers 18.9 x 23.7 degrees.
Image centre is located at 04:19:07.8, -62:21:14 (H:M:S, D:M:S, J2000) Astrometric data from

Reticulum and Dorado
Best seen alongside the LMC in the early evening during the southern summer

Reticulum is another small and insignificant southern constellation introduced by Lacaille in the 1750s. It commemorates a reticle, the cross hairs in an eyepiece used for measuring star positions, from the Latin for 'net' (hence reticulation, network). It is best found by looking for the Large Magellanic Cloud in the adjoining constellation of Dorado.
Dorado, the Goldfish or Swordfish (Xiphias), is a constellation introduced by Johann Bayer, best known for his 1603 star atlas Uranometria, which was the first to cover the entire sky. It is notable mainly for containing most of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way, and many of the links below are to telescopic images of LMC objects.

There are no named stars in the field shown here.

Constellations adjoining Reticulum Dorado, Horologium, Hydrus.
Constellations adjoining Dorado Caelum, Horologium, Hydrus, Mensa, Pictor, Reticulum, Volans.

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