Constellation of Cassiopeia
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Image and text ©2008 Akira Fujii/David Malin Images.

In the picture above, top left is NE and the image covers 28.9 x 36.1 degrees.
Image centre is located at 01:07:9.8, +57:38:10 (H:M:S, D:M:S, J2000) Astrometric data from

Best seen in the early evening in November

Cassiopeia, was seen in mythology as the seated Queen of Ethiopia (not to be confused with the modern Æthiopia). She was the wife of Cepheus and the mother of Andromeda, beautiful but boastful. The grouping of moderately bright stars has a distinctive 'W' shape and lies in a rather faint part of the northern Milky Way. It is circumpolar for latitudes north of 50°. Occupying almost 500 square degrees of sky it is the 25th largest of the 88 modern constellations

Main named stars in Cassiopeia: (Greek alphabet)
Achird (η Cas), Caph (β Cas), Chi (γ Cas), Marfak (θ,μ Cas), Ruchbah (δ Cas), Schedar (α Cas), Segin (Navi, ε Cas).

Adjoining constellations: Andromeda, Camelopardalis, Cephus, Perseus

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David Malin, 2017 April 29.